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Traditional Acoma Horsehair Pottery

Traditional Acoma pottery has been made in the Acoma Pueblo area of New Mexico for centuries. The pottery is easily recognized due to its thin…

Guess what I found when I Googled “Start a Pottery Business”

Guess what I found when I Googled “Start a Pottery Business”? Hey 👋 Have you ever thought:  “Oh how I wish I could make ceramics…

The Clay Olympics

Do you have what it takes to represent your country in The Clay Olympics? Then we need you! To kick-off The Ceramics Congress in November…

7 YouTube Channels to Follow To Learn Pottery At Home.

YouTube is an amazing place to watch hundreds of free online pottery lessons – and with many people starting out their pottery journey with a…

Bunnies in Clay

A project for your toddler. Easter has come and gone and kids just love the fantasy world of a bunny delivering chocolate eggs and all…

Brad Tries Pottery | Bon Appétit

Join Brad from Bon Appétit at Keith Kreeger Studios in Austin, Texas as he learns how to make ceramics, from wedging clay and using a…

Amazon Business: Why your Pottery Business needs an Amazon Business Account.

Amazon Business: Why your Pottery Business needs an Amazon Business Account.

How much can you earn by Selling your Ceramics online?

How much can you make selling your ceramics online? Well, in the real world… If you have a stall at an art fair, and 1000…

3 Secrets for Instagram Success

What would your Pottery Business be like if you had 10k followers on Instagram? Or 50k? Or 100k?
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Should I Sell on Etsy®?

“Should I start my pottery business by selling my ceramics on Etsy® or similar marketplaces?” Simple answer = No. You should not start your pottery…

The Problem with Social Media… AKA: Guidelines for Constructive Encouragement

When I was growing up in the North of England, I always *hated* when my friends or family played “Devils Advocate”. (I’m not sure if…

How to make a Pottery Wheel

DIY Pottery Wheels: How to make a DIY Pottery Wheel at home (3 x DIY Electric Pottery Wheels and 2 x DIY Kick Wheels)

Sketching in Clay #100bottles100days

On 1st January 2018, Ceramic Artist Anna Whitehouse began a project to make 1 bottle a day for  100 days. Using a 2 part press mould…

How to Design a Logo for your Pottery Business

Why you need a good logo from the start. Your Personal Brand. It’s one of the first things you should think about when starting your…

How to film videos that get shared on Instagram

Andy Boswell from KaolinTiger Studios shares how he created his Instagram video that got shared by HGTV. This resulted in a ton of new followers,…

Hundreds of Online Ceramic Courses are here... Just for you!

Online Throwing Courses

Do your pots go all wobbly when they're on the wheel? Take this online ceramic course to find out how you can master the art of throwing clay.

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Glazing Pottery Courses

Creating and Mixing your own glazes can become really complicated, and if you mess up, your pots are ruined. Take this Online Pottery Course to become a Glaze God - your work will look Fantastic!

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Kiln Making Classes

Do you have a spare square meter in your Garden? Build a Kiln on it! Our online Kiln Building Course takes you through the process of designing 5 different Klins!

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